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I know that there has already been a lot written about our mayor being “censured” by our egotistical aldermen, however, I would like to include my two cents.

When I don’t exactly know what to say when the situation or incident or whatever you want to call it has been so increduously silly and inane, I tend to quote much smarter people than myself.


StreetFest ’12 was a huge success and we want to thank everyone who helped bring it together. While Venture Local Franklin spearheaded the event, the downtown merchants and eateries made it happen, attending meetings, opening their stores and welcoming all who came. The Arrogant Americans, Unawarewulves, and Uncle Don’s Band brought the entire downtown alive with sound and Linda Cherry's flashmob was a huge success, bringing people into the street to celebrate. Thanks to Phil Myers who entertained with his wonderful dulcimer and to those offering chair massages on either end of the street.

Special thanks also go to Amy Murphy for donating the wonderful banner. Thanks to Alan at Kitchen Gourmet and Karen at Macon Furniture because without the use of their buildings, the banner wouldn't have happened.


Recent comments from liberals have criticized the first in a century, historic Republican Majority Legislature as taking the state on a regressive, radical, and ravaging course.

Such despair is typical of the far left distorted opinion of the conservative values followed by the Republican Legislators: Balanced budget, no tax increases, help for businesses, property rights protection, family-oriented student-focused education, government consolidation and accountability and regulatory reform.


President Obama says if you created a business or technology “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” He gives all the credit to government infrastructure and government investment. Obama sees the government as the only driver of the economy. This is the definition of a socialist.

Government’s job is to create a level playing field for everybody, provide a legal framework to assure fairness and to provide the infrastructure to allow commerce and innovation to thrive. It is NOT government’s duty to invest in obscure research, select favorite industries for investment, regulate companies out of business if they are not favored by the administration, etc., etc., etc.


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