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In a new letter to the editor, Sen. Thom Goolsby restated his headline “Moron Mondays” to a new agenda titled “Money Mondays.” Ahah, the truth is out! He has to connect money to Rev. Barber’s movement because he and his Republican cronies cannot, for the life of them, connect the movement with morality. There is not a moral bone in their bodies. Talk about money. This legislature was, with the help of the “Citizens United” case, bought and paid for by corporate money.

There is another movement afoot to amend the Constitution to declare that corporations are not persons. Sixteen states have signed resolutions to amend. It takes 38 states to take it to Congress. It will take some time but it will be done. Petitions online at MoveToAmend.


Who does one speak to about our (lame) main stream media? You know, those folks known irreverently, but aptly, as “talking heads” who ostensibly impart the news!

If what is being poured into the airwaves for hours on end is “all the news,” you would think only those select items were the only things that had actually occurred. Each station attempts to out-do their competitors, yet drones the same things. It would appear they compare notes, select what will be broadcast, and then see which of them can say the same thing longer, louder, better, with more graphics, and/or additional guests to substantiate their message. Is it a contest? They start before dawn, give full throat at noon, and then belabor the repetitive messages for another hour and a half at supper, winding up the day with a shorter repeat at night.


To Mr. Brokaw: You don’t get the usual greeting of Dear sir, as you don’t deserve it for the way you omitted the most important and maligned outfit of World War II on your program the other night.

The U.S. Merchant Marine who had the highest losses of any outfit in WWII. Can’t say service as the VFW won’t recognize us as a branch of the services.

One in every 26 Merchant Seaman were lost in WWII. Many in the VFW may have been overseas but not in harm’s way, but a U.S. Merchant Seaman was in harm’s way as soon as his ship left port.


Editor’s note: The Macon County News is seeking to present both sides of an issue and let you, the reader, decide for yourself. Periodically, we will present both a progressive and a conservative viewpoint to provide a cross section of points of view.

If the stakes weren’t so high; watching the reaction of the state’s conservative political establishment to the Moral Mondays phenomenon would be downright entertaining. Indeed, if you cup your hand to your ear you can almost hear Governor Pat McCrory, House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger casting about wildly for ways to defuse the protests.

First, the right tried to dismiss the movement as the work of “outside agitators.” Then, it was supposedly the work of elitist college professors.


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