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Editor’s note: The Macon County News is seeking to present both sides of an issue and let you, the reader, decide for yourself. Periodically, we will present both a progressive and a conservative viewpoint to provide a cross section of points of view.

Several weeks ago I penned a column where I referred to the weekly protests by political leftists at the General Assembly as “Moron Monday.” I was completely off base and now realize my mistake.

With the latest revelations from the Raleigh-based Civitas Institute, I should have referred to the demonstrations as “Money Monday.” Researchers at Civitas have spent many weeks compiling flowcharts and tracing money flows not only to Reverend William Barber’s groups (receiving over $1 million a year from state coffers), but also to allied organizations that have raked in $100+ million from the North Carolina Treasury in the last few years.


I am one of the "quiet folks" (Bill Vernon's letter to the editor July 5, 2013) who support Commissioners Higdon and Haven in their fight to save our county.

I attend many public forums where I hear what candidates and elected officials say. All too often, their actions DO NOT support their words! It is very refreshing and encouraging, but sadly rare, when public officials do what they say. I appreciate those who live in reality and not la-la land. You can't get blood from a turnip. Most people I know are tapped out.


An article in your paper on July 5th states that the Macon County Airport Authority met that week to get an update on the widening of runways to allow for use by larger aircraft. The news that the widening is on the way is shocking as the people who will again be most impacted, those living in Iotla Valley, had no information whatever that it was even being planned. With the county having property records and all the information means available, it is obvious that neighbors were not informed because the power brokers know they can move ahead with their schemes without the bother of hearing from people who might object and whose voices will not be listened to anyway.


Regarding Brian Tripp from the consulting firm W.K. Dickson and his statements regarding per capita water usage, I must disagree. It is easy to do a web search for "per capita water usage" and find several reliable sources that all consistently state the average usage per person is 80 to 100 gallons of water per day. Mr Tripp is quoted "In 2010 the average residential water use per capita per day in Franklin was 175 gallons, which is actually spot on with the national average that is also 175 gallons per capita."


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