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I would like to encourage the Macon County Commission to consider fully funding the shortfall the Macon County School Board (MCSB) now faces. I do not know all the reasons the MCSB has found itself in a position to be $1.6 million short for FY 2013/14 but we should not play the blame game at this point. It appears the interim superintendent has done everything possible to make the MCSB work with the allotted funds but it simply will not work without additional funding. As a small business owner, I understand the importance of doing more with less and I do everything possible to manage my expenses in order to stay in business. I think the MCSB will need to better manage their expenses in the future, but the FY 2013/14 budget needs funding to avoid harm to the current delivery of education.


What entity in our community serves the needs of every one of our citizens, whether that person is three years old or has been around for 90 years? And what place is this, which can offer the same level of service to the wealthy and disadvantaged alike? Some organizations or businesses can offer services to a small segment of our population, but only one – our Fontana Regional Library System – can claim to open their doors to everyone.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every individual who had a part in any way with the Franklin Relay for Life on Saturday, June 8.

There is no way we can name each and every person by name but please know that it took each and every person to make an event like this so awesome for our community. We are so proud to call Franklin home because of the love and support of people like you.


To all those who do not respect my freedom from religion I say this:

Now tell me, why are you insisting on this?

Why do I have to respect your freedom of religious choice while you cannot respect my freedom of choice; not believing in a God?

Why do you insist that your distribution of your religious views have to be protected under the First Amendment while you show a blatant disrespect for my first amendment rights, my right to say that I do not believe that any God exists?


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