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I'm 76 years old, I have voted in every presidential election since age 21.

I was a Democrat for 41 of those years. I left the party in 1998 because the party of the people had moved too far left of my convictions.

Today I have seen this party taken over by the left wing extremist.


Many voices clamor for our attention. Who do we listen to, and why do we think we can believe them?

The current political season abounds with much rhetoric, sounding extremely negative, destructive and sometimes downright volatile, each candidate declaring he/she is the one who speaks the truth.

You can sense the resulting confusion. All sound sincere and make their point effectively. However, how can we know if they are really telling the truth?


I have been toying with the idea of writing this letter to the editor about lazy drivers for a few weeks. After having been forced out of my lane on a curve last week and having another close call with a poor driver, I decided it was time to write.

Why can't drivers around Franklin keep their vehicle in their own lane? I can't count the times a driver has gone over the double yellow lines into my lane while we were on a curvy mountain road (sometimes on a straight stretch too). As you know those lanes aren't extra wide to begin with, so having another motorist try to share my side of the road is unnerving.


We sense that we’re in control and we are our own destiny, but then nature brings us to the reality that we have no control over the end of life. Life begins to be viewed more lightly, and death more seriously. Death puts life into question and forces us to think more sharply, as a laser with pin point procession. It’s been stated "when a man knows he is to be hanged by night fall, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." Death is the worst and final reality, the loss of everything earthly. But yet it can be a new beginning or open door if it leads to Heaven. Man within the working of nature has always wanted to escape the inevitable, seeking for a fountain of youth, or a scientific cure so we can live forever. Then nature comes with its trump card, and we’re staring at death once again. Until death is conquered, nature will not be conquered.


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