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Opinion Letters

There seems a significant difference of opinion as to whether expanding Medicaid will be more costly to the State of North Carolina than the advantages such a broadening would bring about in our state. Adam Searing (N.C. Justice Center) argues strongly in favor of expansion citing job creation and an increase in eligibility and other blessings, not the least of which is the premise it will cost N.C. nothing for three years (Macon County News, Feb. 7). Experience tells us that when the federal government hands out money it comes with serious strings attached.

Searing also claims that by expanding Medicaid, "N.C. will leverage at least $15B in federal funds over the next decade." May I advance the plausibility that if every state received $15B to play with, our national debt (already exceeding $16 trillion) would also expand an additional $750B. God only knows how many hundreds of billions of dollars we have spent on the "war on poverty" since the 1960s, and we have more hand-to-mouth existence now than we did then. Those who profit from poverty have made a fortune. Maybe that's a "wash," we have been taken to the cleaners.


Words just cannot describe how we felt when we walked into Cartoogechaye School and saw the number of people that had turned out for the benefit for me. It is amazing how Macon County cares about people and want to help. I am blessed and so thankful to have so many friends! There is no way we will ever be able to thank everyone for all they have done. There were so many that gave of their time and talent to make the benefit a success.

We would like to thank each one that came out whether for a hot dog, to drop off a cake or to participate in the cake walk or auction. Also to everyone that donated - food for the dinner, items for the auction or raffle and all the monetary donations.


I think it’s wrong for the state to close all the sweepstakes game rooms. They create jobs for people out of work and provide rent to property owners. If they consider them gambling machines, then what is “Bingo” or “scratch-offs” or lottery tickets? They all require you to pay money for a chance to win money. So, if sweepstakes machines are illegal, then why aren’t the rest of them? It seems like “the casinos” are paying someone to keep the sweepstakes out.

Ronnie Holland — Franklin, N.C.

Ed Morris criticizes the Republican legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory for their decision not to expand Medicaid in our state to accommodate Obamacare. Morris tells us that the Federal government will pay for 100 percent of the increase for three years and 90 percent afterwards (with our taxpayer money, of course). To understand the Republican viewpoint, Dr. Morris may benefit from some local political history.

Kent Coward from Jackson County was a respected GOP activist. To explain how a government program works, he liked to use an anecdote on how to get wild hogs into a cage. According to Kent, you start by scattering corn near the cage. Keep the corn coming for a few days then move it a little closer to the cage. Over time move the corn into the cage, and when the hogs go in to eat, shut the door.


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