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Opinion Letters

My grandson visiting for the summer participated in the Own The Night program initiated this summer by the Macon County Library. It was a national program for teenagers meeting three afternoons a week for two months. This program was facilitated by Ms. Ellen Agee. I cannot begin to tell you what a fine program this was for teens. It covered an extensive amount of material such as Anime, art, photography, creative writing, challenges to take home and complete, prizes, movies, and creative projects at nearly every session. It also tied into the Thursday night programs on Owls and Bats. Generally there were about 15 to 20 young people attending every session. There should have been 100. Ms. Agee is now going to start some programs for teens during the school year. I wish my grandson could be here for those sessions as well.


I was bored and in search of some excitement, so I armed myself and went down to the biker rally, motivated with memories of the movie “Wild One” with Marlon Brando, and “Easy Rider” with Peter Fonda. Plus, I love to see those biker chicks.

The first thing I did there was scope out the food, and I had a great tasting sausage, peppers and onions sandwich, which really tastes better with a beer, but they had no beer at the rally. I was so disappointed. There were no drunken riders doing wheelies or burning rubber. None of the girls were fighting. So, I went around talking to all those people wearing leather and colorful patches. Things were so sedate, it seemed like a version of “Picking On The Square,” with a different form of dress and a little harder rock and roll music. The stage show was entertaining and everyone was sitting around chatting and listening to the show. People were telling me about the great restaurants they went to in town, and the nice stores they shopped in. Most were staying in local hotels. They all gassed up for their trip home. My mind was clicking like a cash register. It became clear to me that they spent a few bucks in our town.


I can’t hardly stand to read the Letters to the Editor anymore. Civil discourse, the backbone of any democracy, has sunk to a new low here and across the country. Name calling, overgeneralization, and denigration have become the new norm. Whatever happened to researched facts, sound reasoning and fair play?

Yes, the stakes in this election are high. But do the ends truly justify the means? We are on the verge of national disintegration and Balkanization. Is this the best we can do?


Thank you Norm Roberts for your efforts to find out accurate factual information about the very important issue of public education funding. You or Jim Davis suggests in your letter to the editor in The Franklin Press Aug. 24 that the information on the Democratic Headquarters sign about cuts to public education funding is a lie. There is clearly a discrepancy between the information on the Democratic sign about massive cuts to public education and the information that Jim Davis presented to citizens of Macon County at the League of Women Voter’s Forum. As chairman of the Macon County Democratic Party, I can say with absolute conviction that the local Democratic Party and our candidates are committed to presenting accurate, reliable, factual information to our citizens. We do our best to find reliable sources so voters can judge what the facts related to different positions truly are. Of course it is possible that without intention I used incorrect information so I rechecked the facts.


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