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The economy is the largest accident ever designed by man. We think we can’t control it, but people do. Unfortunately, it is our human nature that is in control and not our logic.

Trickle-down Reaganomics is one attempt at control. The idea is to give tax cuts to people that don’t need them. These people will then invest that money in their businesses, if they have one. They will hire workers, if they need them. They will buy more and better equipment, if it’s needed, etc. If you are having trouble comprehending the efficiency of this, you might be told it is because you don’t have an advanced degree in economics.


I am addressing this editorial to all the hard working American Patriots who are not afraid of doing some honest research and digging to get to the truth. This is not for the couch potatoes who sit and stare at the TV believing every word that the news drills into you. I ask that you read with an open mind and that you challenge my words with honest research of your own. Not with emotional political anger. Just remember that you have been fed what the broadcast higher-ups have been told to tell you and many of the facts have been kept from you. Money buys silence. They also get paid very well for bending toward certain opinions. Stop letting the media mold your decisions. Do your own research if you really want to know the entire truth. You cannot go to the polls to vote as a honest person if you don't know all the facts and you won't get them from the media.


All the writing from Sissy Pattillo about how everything was on the up and up. All the Town Board was doing was trying to look after the well-being of Franklin. Trying to make it the best little town in the whole world is foolishness, and is an insult to the mentality of the citizens for whom Franklin is home.

Without going into too much detail, let us make a short list of efforts and accomplishments that put the entire Town Board in a less than bright light of integrity.


I have always had a problem with numbers. I joke that numbers traumatized me at an early age. One number that baffles me is the unemployment numbers. See if you can figure this out: Using a low figure, we have had 300,000 new unemployment claims per week for months. So this would give us 1.2 million newly unemployed people per month, right? For the month of July the economy created 160,000 jobs, the best since February. Everyone was excited. How is that good news? Now not being good with numbers I am going to just say that leaves 800,000 people without jobs. This gets even more puzzling to me. After months of unemployment staying steady at 8.2 percent, we get an increase in jobs and unemployment climbs to 8.3 percent. Do you think maybe there is no truth in any of the numbers being told to the American people?


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