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Guided by Paul Ryan’s recommendations the U.S. House of Representatives has rejected every plan submitted by the Obama administration to create jobs for the middle class. Republicans refuse to consider plans which included even the slightest tax increase on wealthy Americans. They insist on balancing the budget by slashing programs benefitting middle- class Americans, programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Making Obama a one-term president has been their number one goal and to heck with the economy!

Senator Jim Davis and the Republican dominated N.C. legislature have not generated a single job creation bill.


In the ’70s the USA was #1 in the world in education. We are now 16th in the percentage of adults 25-34 years of age who hold an associate, bachelor, or advanced degree. For years N.C. was a national leader in education. In the past two years the Republicans have made drastic cuts in educational funding and we now rank 45th in per pupil spending. Romney thinks students should "shop around" for the "best education they can afford." He even talks of doing away with the Department of Education.

How your child compares educationally with other American students is no longer the issue; the competition is now with students from around the world. South Korea, Canada, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France all rank higher than the U.S. in education.


Whether or not Obama meets your definition of a “Socialist” or what the mainstream media is reporting, Obama has demonstrated by his policies and his first term that he has no regard for traditional American values, and no concept of what makes a capitalist society successful. Obama and his thugs are counting on us (the American people) to stay distracted while he secretly re-shapes our country into a liberal and socialist “Open Society.” The TV is not a place to learn the truth or even get objective reporting. Every American getting ready to cast his vote for Obama has the responsibility to get off his bottom and learn the truth about this pretender. There are many books and periodicals that expose Obama for who he really is.


With an important election coming up, campaign advertising is all around us. Much of it is attack ads meant to make us vote against particular candidates. These ads are full of misstatements and just plain lies. Behind the attack ads is money, and behind the money is that old devil greed.

When an ad is focused on making one of the candidates look bad, we need to consider some questions.

1. What is this? It's an attack ad. There may or may not be truth in it, but if there happens to be any, there's no way you can tell it from the lies.


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