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Opinion Letters

I have to respond to a letter I read in last week’s paper regarding Obama not being able to do anything because of the Republicans.

The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress the first two Obama years as President. He promised to cut the deficit in half his first four years and instead added $1 trillion of debt each year. Unemployment was over eight percent for 43 months of his term.

He helped Solyndra, a solar panel company get a $535 million govt. backed loan and the next year they went bankrupt, jobs lost and the American taxpayer stuck with the bill.


Senator Jim Davis and Art Pope have been running TV and other ads with a common theme, negative ads about John Snow. While Senator Davis has a record, he is running away from it as is the Republican Party on George W. Bush and for the same reason.The record of both is ugly and would be unpopular with the citizens of Western North Carolina.

Senator Davis has slavishly and consistently voted for the agenda of Pope to destroy the Public School System; to implement bills which will benefit large corporations; to saddle the counties with additional expenses and to gerimander the districts of the State.


A Candidate Issues Forum was held in Sylva on Oct. 15, 2012. The forum was sponsored by the Macon County League of Women Voters, Canary Coalition, Occupy WNC and Smoky Mountain News.

There were two candidates participating in the forum for Jackson County Commission, two for NC House District 119, and two for NC Senate District 50. The sponsors of the forum asked questions that were answered, in turn, by each of the candidates. In a nonpartisan fashion, Republicans and Democrats alternated answering first or second, for each of the positions. The forum was enlightening and it was readily apparent that most of the candidates were well prepared to answer each of the questions and clearly stated their positions on the issues.


I hear people say, "when is Mitt Romney going to tell us how he is going to run the country?" Using the illustration of our country being our "ship of state," I would suggest that an experienced pilot cannot tell us exactly how he is going to pilot the ship, but he can show us, through his vision for the country, when given the chance.

We gave a man the chance four years ago. We were given a lot of promises by a community organizer (who had no governing experience) calling it "hope and change." We have seen hopes fade for a bright future for our children, and lots of negative, Marxist changes. For the past four years, we have seen our country being steered by this "pilot" toward the shallows of socialism.


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