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Opinion Letters

Two people responded negatively to my letter printed Aug. 9 regarding my comments about Israel, Pat Richmond on Aug. 16 and Bob Wilson on Aug. 23. I will not disavow anything I said in my letter, it was either based on fact or was my opinion, right or wrong.

I must, however, strongly deny Mr. Wilson's accusation that my letter was filled with anti-Semitism, he's incorrect. I have never in my life knowingly discriminated against or been prejudiced and least of all, hostile toward anyone because of their religion or nationality nor do I plan to start now in the winter of my life.

That having been said, I have often felt the term “anti- Semitism” is much over-used and very often misunderstood. Using it too freely clouds any otherwise legitimate discussion about the actions and policies of this particular nation’s government in reference to our own and to its neighbors.


I attended the bike rally on Saturday evening on Aug.18, mainly because I was curious as to how many riders would attend. I arrived around 8:30 that evening and was shocked to see only about 30 people milling around. A popular local band was going to be playing, so many of their local fans started coming in and that helped to increase the crowd. I honestly believe that their music kept the bike rally from being just about as boring as a quilting bee.

Being the inquisitive female that I am, I got the opportunity to speak to some folks who had traveled from Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. They all had the same response toward the bike rally. They loved our town, but the rally was a huge disappointment. I totally agree.


My compliments to those responsible for setting aside an area for a Dog Park In Franklin. It's an ideal setting and has an area for both small dogs and larger non-vicious dogs. However, it seems few people are using the facility and dog owners I have spoken with do not know where it is or that there is even a special Dog Park. A lot of people do not read the local newspapers so have not been made aware of its location.

Having done a great deal of research on Dog Parks for my previous home in Florida, I have visited several successful Dog Parks, and there are several things that would make Franklin's "Bark Park" more successful. But these things need money and support.

First it needs a good sign on the main street in front of the entrance to the main park. I have offered to contribute to the sign and I am waiting for the official to provide me with an estimate.


Yet again, the facts have not fared well in Ed Morris’s hands. His Aug. 30, opinion letter to The Macon County News illustrates his preference for personal bias over truth.

If Federal funds = apples and State funds = oranges, then Morris serves up a fruit salad extraordinaire. Problem is, when one wants to evaluate what the N.C. General Assembly did with the education budget, it is at best disingenuous to omit the distinction between Federal and State funding.

When they controlled the General Assembly, legislative Democrats and John Snow shoved thousands of N.C.’s public school teachers onto the Federal payroll, with full knowledge that this one-time money used to pay teacher salaries would soon run out. To fund teachers with non-recurring revenue was a recipe for disaster.


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