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- published 8/21 (Larry) old link: http://www1.cfnc.org/applications/NC_Community_College/apply.html?application_id=1527

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At times when difficult decisions are being considered, leaders may seek the counsel of community minded, experienced individuals for input and clarification of concepts and ideas pertaining to the problem at hand. With this obtained information, experience and opinions, the elected leadership can move forward and make a decision of what would be best for the community as a whole. What has happened here?

A published letter from one of our commissioners expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome of the recommendations the planning board was generating. This is another setback for Macon County. Attacking the messenger (planning board) and not dealing with the message is a form of political deflection.


Judging from last week’s letter to the editor, Ed Morris is confused about the funding sources for my 2010 campaign for the NC 50th district senate seat. It is entirely possible that I told him Art Pope contributed the $4000 maximum allowed by North Carolina law by an individual but I never told him it was the only contribution from the Pope family and I would never characterize $4000 as small.


In America we have the right of free speech and assembly. Opinions may be freely expressed. However, the burden is on us to do so responsibly. The Supreme Court has uniformly held that speech denigrating the rights of others is not speech warranting constitutional protection.

The January 12 issue carried a LTTE praising the actions of the airport Authority this past year. The praise is well deserved in as much as that board has kept the faith over a protracted period and is setting the stage for Macon County’s resurgence.


About the front page news, release of January 19, 2012, relating to the commissions planning board leadership, I desire to reply.

It is evident that one commissioner, Ron Haven, recently seated, in equal say, is called a critic.

A critic is one who criticizes or finds fault with others or judges the work of others.


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