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It has come to my attention that there is a rumor floating across Macon County that the reason I am no longer with Macon Program for Progress as a Family Advocate is because I quit. This is not true. I was terminated for taking my three-year-old into a bathroom, closing the door and popping his bottom after I witnessed him having an outburst that included him being disrespectful to his teacher and disrupting the classroom environment.

During the appeals process hearing (for unemployment) it was brought to my attention that prior to my arrival at the classroom my son had thrown an object! I was not excessive in my correction and I was appropriate in accordance with the North Carolina general statue that pertains to corporal punishment. I was told that I violated the policy that states that staff members are not to issue out corporal punishment to enrolled children. In the 35 years I have been breathing, I have never been fired from any job. Much less, fired for being a parent!


We all are heart broken over the horrific killings of 20 innocent children and six adults that took place in the small town of Newtown, Conn. My wife and I shed tears as we watched and heard how all this pain and suffering was put upon these children and families that lost so much. And how Adam Lanza, a bright but insecure young man 20 years of age, could have such a state of mind as to evolve into the depth of such evil. These families have more to deal with than most of us will have within our lifetime, and they will be in need of our prayers for years to come.


On Friday, Dec. 7, South Macon Elementary School Chorus was not the only Elementary School who sang at the Gazebo. Iotla Valley Elementary School Chorus was also represented. They not only practiced long hard hours and sang their hearts out. Not only were they not recognized at the Gazebo when it was announced that the South Macon Chorus was singing, but also in your paper. I really resent it and feel sorry for those students who participated. They need recognition also. It is important to remember everyone who gave their all that night. Especially the children. Thank you.


Pamela Evans — Franklin, N.C.

We wish to thank the three angels who picked up the check for our dinner on Dec. 9, at Shoney’s Restaurant. The waitress told us the three angels had taken care of it. God will bless them real good. Franklin is a town with active angels.

Thanks again,

Cliff & Helen Bilger — Franklin, N.C.

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