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I find Cecil Bothwell’s preoccupation with Heath Shuler odd and slightly disturbing. Although Shuler announced months ago that he would not be running for re-election, Bothwell has continued to attack him online and in public forums across the 11th Congressional District. Bothwell’s website still features a page entitled “Vs. Shuler” where he contrasts his views against what he claims to be Shuler’s views. Nearly all of Bothwell’s information on Shuler’s record is false or misleading.

Heath Shuler isn’t running for Congress. His name won’t be on the ticket in May or November. While Bothwell focuses his campaign on attacking someone who isn’t in the race, Hayden Rogers has been getting his positive message out to voters across Western North Carolina.


I want to share with you three times in my life that made me appreciate how important our Democratic vision is to the people of this state and this country.

First, it is clear to me the Republican Party sees women as second-class citizens. I attended a public meeting last year where our State Senator said poor women have no business having children. I was appalled that he had the audacity to tell women who should and should not have children. If this outrageous Republican view had prevailed at the time and my mother had been influenced by it, I would never have been born. Democrats, as opposed to Republicans, believe all people whether rich or poor, male or female, black or white have the right to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve as human beings.


I’m often contacted by candidates looking for support and networking opportunities among independent voters. But a recent request for assistance was unique and encouraging. Let me explain....

The call came from a gentleman running in a partisan contest County Commissioner in western N.C. I’ll call him “Mr. I” for independent. One of the major parties has put forth a candidate who is currently unopposed. Mr. I considered it so vital he not align himself with either party, he’s opted to do it the hard way, by collecting the 6000 signatures required to get on the ballot. Mr. I could have easily accepted the nomination of the party without a current candidate, in fact they were recruiting him to run on their ticket.


Recently there were two letters to the Editor locally by Shirley Ches and Marge Abel which expressed the exact issues that many women in Macon County are very concerned about. I couldn’t have proclaimed the issues any better. Thanks to these intelligent, caring individuals. There is a very important primary election coming up on May 8 in Macon County, with early voting April 19 through May 5. I urge all women and their caring menfolk of Macon County to become aware of the issues and turn out to vote.


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