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To hear the Republican candidates for president and vice president, one must think that our senior citizens are a very selfish group. Romney and Ryan continually assure us that, “Today’s seniors will not be affected by any changes to Social Security or Medicare.” OK, that's fine for me - but I am concerned not only about myself and my contemporaries, but about my children and grandchildren. What are the proposed changes going to mean in their later years?


With regard to the only contested race for county commission this year there is some background that should be considered.

Bobby Kuppers, who is up for re-election has been a vigilant steward of the taxpayers interests and money over the last four years and did not come in to office with preconceived solutions to problems. He is a member of a bipartisan center on the county commission that aims to deal fairly with the practical matters that dominate the commission agenda and shares values in keeping with most Maconians. He doesn't mind how small a constituency he listens to - he worked hard for Nantahala folks to gain county support for a swimming area on Nantahala Lake. He supports a compromise that will save the historic McCoy Bridge on the Little Tennessee. He voted for a motion to make historic Cowee School a community center that would attract tourism and support the economy.


This upcoming election is the most important election of our lifetime. I pray Americans do not get it wrong. I lived in Washington, D.C. area for over 45 years. I was working in an office building between the Capitol and the White House during the Cuban missile crisis.

Our current situation is more dangerous for our country than ever before. People living in so many countries around the world are burning our flag, destroying our embassies and killing our embassy personnel. We have an escalating debt that is almost impossible to repay. We are fearful to travel on an airplane.


At the county and state government levels budgets are about choices, and those choices have moral implications, not just economic ones. Since he has participated at both government levels, you would think Sen. Jim Davis would appreciate that principle, but he doesn’t.

At a time when Sen. Davis and Republican lawmakers were making dramatic cuts in the state’s education budget, they created a tax loophole putting up to $3,500 into the pockets of wealthy business owners.Though heralded by Republican leaders as a $50,000 tax exemption for small business, no cap was placed on the size of business that could claim this benefit. As a result, this loophole now applies to roughly 480,000 corporations and business owners such as lawyers, doctors, and even orthodontist like Davis.


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