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Anguish, distress, woe, heartbreak, visceral pain. That’s what I felt when I read our town was considering dropping health insurance coverage for spouses and children of town employees.

These are our town employees. They are our family. They make sure our roads are safe, our water is clean, and our electricity is restored during bitter storms. They protect our families, put out fires, and rescue us. And they do it all, rarely hearing a word of praise or gratitude, because it is too easy to take for granted the numerous services they collectively provide. But one tangible way to show gratitude is by offering health insurance to employees and their families. And our town has happily always provided that.


My, that was quite a headline on Margery Abel’s letter appearing in the March 28th edition of the Franklin Press. “Buying local elections – this is how FreedomWorks.” The headline is as fallacious as the story that followed. Where to start? Ms. Abel is apparently still smarting over Sen. Jim Davis’ defeat of John Snow.

For openers, Ms. Abel states “FreedomWorks, a national organization funds local candidates for election who will promote its agenda.” Our agenda, so you will know what she is talking about, is “Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom.” Shame on us. Evidently Ms. Abel advocates “Higher Taxes, More Government, Less Freedom.”


I read with interest your recent article (March 22 edition) about Hayden Rogers. It was as interesting for what it left out as for what it said.

Rogers, following in the footsteps of his boss, Heath Shuler, is a “blue dog,” which is another way of saying he is a Republican trying to disguise himself as a Democrat. Now that Shuler has decided to cash in and become a high-paid Washington lobbyist, Rogers wants the job as our Congressman for himself.


For the sixth time since the end of the 2011 legislative session in North Carolina, the state is once again making national headlines for its inability to adequately protect dogs in commercial breeding facilities, known as puppy mills.

800. That’s how many dogs were rescued from North Carolina puppy mills since June 2011. It is good news for those dogs, but for countless others who continue to spend their lives breeding in the estimated 250 to 300 inhumane, commercial breeding facilities in the state, these rescues have not helped.


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