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In late August, I was in Mountain City, Ga. and passed an officer that had stopped a car in a turn lane in front of a gas station. Why the driver didn’t pull into the parking lot, I don’t know. But by the time I spotted the officer walking around the car I was less than five [5] car lengths away and was not able to change lanes safely and quickly. I would have been past him when I was able to change lanes. In fact there was a car just behind me and we both passed the officer. I didn’t know there was this law, as I stated it had been courtesy to move over and he was not visibly out of his car at the time I first saw him. Even when the officer stopped me for this violation, there were cars that passed us in the right hand lane while he was writing my ticket. This officer didn’t go chase them down like he did me! When he chased me down he butted in-between the other car that was still following me when the both of us passed him, in order to write me a ticket!!


If property revaluation is postponed till 2015, the commission is again gambling that property values will be comparable to the current valuations in order to maintain the current budget level. Consider that they could be worse than now or even worse than 2013. Using the analogy of a nurse pulling off a band-aide: Pull it off quickly and endure the pain for a short period or pull slowly and endure the pain for a long time.


Do you know what your children are eating for lunch at school today? Do you know where it came from? On average, two of every three school children eat a National School Lunch Program lunch and consume about one-third of their total calories from that meal each weekday. Unfortunately, that food travels over 2500 miles to get to them.

In 2010, Congress designated October as National Farm to School Month, which demonstrates the growing importance of Farm to School programs as a means to improve child nutrition, foster local farming and ranching opportunities, spur job growth, create local economic development and educate children about agriculture and the origins of food.


In his letter to the editor (Sept. 22) Sen. Jim Davis purports to correct the “facts” of his political opponents by providing us with the “real facts” and figures. Most of us know, of course, that facts are often murky and can be bent to any purpose.

As Mark Twain reminded us, “Facts are stubborn things but statistics are pliable.” What does seem certain is that any hope of cooperation with the other party for the good of all of us is not going to happen. It will be business as usual: recrimination, fingerpointing, blamegaming and ideology first, people second.


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