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Go back to 2008 and anyone with a mortgage could for up to $300,000 to payoff their mortgage. The banks or lending institutions would then pay back their government loans. The people who get this $300,000 plus or minus would still have to pay this mortgage once the economy returned. This would return the housing market and jobs, foreclosure will only keep driving the market down. It is not right that the middle class in this great country, pays most of the tax burden and are the ones being foreclosed on.

No company, bank, or institution that is getting relief from the government, such as tax breaks, guarantees, or any other moneys, can pay a salary of more than $500,000 per year including any other type of bonus.


Thank you for recent articles on coal ash (which I sent on to Lisa Jackson, Administrator of EPA) and NCDOT “improvement” project on Route 28.

Your interview with the DOT engineer answered some questions puzzling residents. Apparently, the purpose of improvement of 2 1/2 miles of Rte. 28 north is to grade, repave, straighten blind curves and level dangerous hills for commuter safety. However, travelers know that neither the curves nor hills were threatening and question why repaving that random small stretch of rural road was selected or even needed.


A letter appearing in The Macon County News on January 26 incorrectly characterized the mission, work, and views of The Land Trust for the Little Tennessee. The letter stated “Environmental Groups like the Land Trust for the Little Tennessee . . . would like to severely limit the development of private property in Macon County and elsewhere. They diligently work to get overly restrictive land use and development ordinances established . . . .”

The Land Trust for the Little Tennessee (LTLT) does work diligently -- in a nonpartisan manner -- to conserve the waters, forests, farms, and heritage of our region. With respect to private property, we typically assist property owners who voluntarily seek to protect their land in perpetuity through conservation easements and we sometimes purchase land that we believe has special conservation values.


The Friends of the Scottish Museum held their 16th Annual Burns Night Dinner on January 21st. We wish to thank businesses in Franklin for support in fund raising efforts for the Museum: Buttonwood Inn, the Franklin Golf Course, Books Unlimited, Jim Anderson Celtic Carvings, Art Pelsh Heather Nursery, April’s Florist, Blannie Robinson Artists’ Studio, the Caledonia Swing Band and Angel Hospital. Members of Boy Scout Troop 298 were our servers.

We also raised funds for an exhibit in memory of Walter Taylor, our senior docent, who passed away this past November. Anyone wishing to contribute to this fund may do so by sending a check to: SueAnn McMaster, Treasurer, Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum, 329 Hillview Drive, Franklin.


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