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Once upon a time there was a young high school graduate who joined the National Guard in Missouri. He was a hard working farmer and was pretty good at it. About ten years later he went to war as a Captain of an artillery unit. World War One in Europe had been going on prior to the U.S.A. joining the British and the French against the Germans. He came home from the war with new ambitions and opened a men’s haberdashery. He was not very good in business and it failed. Later, he became an elected judge in Jackson County, Missouri. It was an administrative job which he adapted to and did well. His name was Harry S. Truman.

In 1934, after being involved in Politics for some time, he was elected to the U.S. Senate. As an obscure Democrat Senator from a small state, not many people knew or heard of him. However, in 1939 when President Roosevelt needed someone to oversee the vast amount of military spending, he was selected. It became known as the Truman Committee. The experience he gained as an administrative judge in Missouri served him well.


Mrs. Chapman again “cries wolf” about an imaginary problem that is nothing more than a distraction to realitybased issues facing our state. The right to vote is at the heart of what it means to be an American; and it should be accessible to all citizens – not a privileged few.

It’s no fluke these laws are occurring now. Politicians who've been advancing corporate tax breaks instead of middle class jobs don't want to face us at the polls. An ID law would cost millions of tax dollars to implement. It’s just not right to create some expensive program to stop a fictional problem; especially after laying-off thousands of teachers.


Wow, what a performance! We are fortunate to have so many talented people in Franklin. It is heart-rending that the cast includes children as well as adults. The production of “Peter Pan” tops the other productions that the Overlook Theater Company had done. We have seen many of their productions. My husband and I saw the musical “Aida” in Atlanta by a professional company. Then we attended the Overlook’s production here in Franklin. We both were of the same opinion; we enjoyed our local talent more. Of course we may be prejudiced.


In regard to the June 7 letter of Mr. Philip J. Migliore, I also lived through the Great Depression. However, my perspective is very different. My brother, two sisters, and I were among the fortunate six percent who managed to get a college education even though our family was terribly affected by the Depression. But we were neither blind nor insensitive to what was happening in our country.

When the Great Depression started and then the economy was really crippled with the crashing of the Stock Market, President Herbert Hoover (R) believed that prosperity would return without any help from the government. With that thinking and subsequent lack of action, the situation became desperate, and the people turned to Franklin D. Roosevelt (D). FDR was a highly educated and wealthy man who knew history and had to have been keenly aware of what happens when millions become desperate and hopeless. They turn to anarchy or revolution.


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