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Opinion Letters

It is often said that people are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

Apparently, the Chairman of the Macon County Democratic Party believes he is entitled to both.

He hurled facts by the wayside in a recent op-ed, attempting to blame North Carolina’s education and economic woes on Republican legislators.


In the Sept. 15 Macon County News, George Hasara presented a reasonably accurate surmise that our present electoral system is indeed broken or, at the very least, has ceased to symbolize what the majority of Americans have come to believe is “representative government.”

There are, as Hasara pointed out, alternative political parties which, if they indeed had a voice in a coalition government we would be decidedly less apt to be forever stuck in political stalemate and bitter discord.


This is a thank you letter to all the people that helped at the Habitat for Humanity Macon County NC’s 15th Annual Smoky Mountain Shrimp Boil.

Thanks to Donny Bishop and his crew for doing all the cooking; shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage. MMM good!!

Thanks to the Franklin High School cheerleaders and their coaches for doing all the serving and clean up. They did an outstanding job.


“Follow the money!” This is the usual advice for anyone trying to find out who is behind activities such as corruption or bribery. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United has made both these activities legal. Millions of dollars have been spent by “Crossroads GPS,” created by Karl Rove with some Wall Street millionaires, and other PACs including three bankrolled by Art Pope, “Americans for Prosperity,” “Civitas Action” and “Real Jobs NC.” The sole purpose of these PACs is to buy candidates, influencing the outcome of elections for their own political gain, corrupting our democratic election process.


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