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I found rare agreement with Sen. Jim Davis in his statement implying that stay-at-home moms benefit their children. Personally as a mother who stayed home when my children were young and as a professional who worked with children and families for 30 years, I believe that ideally the best setting for a child to develop is a nurturing home environment with mature, caring parents.

But Sen. Davis is incorrect in saying that the greatest gift a father can give his kids is their mother at home. The greatest gift a father can give his kids is first and foremost to acknowledge they are his children. From that essential step, fathers could become responsible for their children, be a part of their daily lives, participate in their care and guidance, and support mothers in the demanding and toilsome task of raising children.


It appears Mitt Romney has committed the unpardonable sin. He told the truth and now must pay the price. What ever the number of Americans dependent on government actually is, it is unnecessarily high and as much as Democrats would like to believe otherwise, womb to the tomb care is unsustainable, as Europe is sadly discovering.

Helping someone temporarily in need is one thing but when four generations in the same family are on Medicaid and receive other government handouts over decades, that's something else again. There comes a time when the so-called "safety net" becomes a web from which it is next to impossible to escape. Your surrender to that life style becomes a permanent part (as Governor Romney pointed out) of the Democratic Party base.


I'm 76 years old, I have voted in every presidential election since age 21.

I was a Democrat for 41 of those years. I left the party in 1998 because the party of the people had moved too far left of my convictions.

Today I have seen this party taken over by the left wing extremist.


Many voices clamor for our attention. Who do we listen to, and why do we think we can believe them?

The current political season abounds with much rhetoric, sounding extremely negative, destructive and sometimes downright volatile, each candidate declaring he/she is the one who speaks the truth.

You can sense the resulting confusion. All sound sincere and make their point effectively. However, how can we know if they are really telling the truth?


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