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Recently, the League of Women Voters started a membership campaign and in our invitation, we stated that at campaign forums conducted by the League, to maintain the spirit of a non-partisan informational forum, there should be no partisan or candidate signs, banners, t-shirts, hats, or other campaign paraphernalia. We have had objections to this policy from the local leadership of one of the political parties, based on the right to freedom of speech.


What does a new small business owner do to get the word out about their company? The obvious answer is advertising, but there are many factors to consider with a limited budget. The key to advertising is to reach as many potential customers as possible for the lowest cost. For businesses like our Here Wee Grow children, teen and maternity clothing resale shop, we run a modest newspaper ad that lasts a week for the same cost as a few 30-second radio or television ads. For us, the looming question was simply how many potential customers are reached by print? We can now answer that question for other small business owners from personal experience. After publishing a year of consecutive weekly ads in The Macon County News and conversing with our patrons, we are fully convinced that advertising in a free newspaper is essential in a region populated by small mountain communities.


In a recent letter to the editor by Margery Abel, she criticized Senator Jim Davis supporters for wearing red T-shirts at the League of Women Voters Aug. 9 public candidate forum, calling it “red shirt tactics.” Abel also mischaracterized enthusiastic supporters as exhibiting “loud inappropriate bursts of applause and stomping” and “arriving early to grab strategic seats.” There were no inappropriate bursts of applause or stomping, and there was adequate seating for all as evidenced by photographs in The Franklin Press. In addition, Mrs. Abel even suggested that supporters were stealing lunches at the event. If there is compelling evidence of that, which I doubt, Senator Davis and the Republican Party will compensate the League. I’m sure that won’t be necessary.


I was saddened to see a letter from David Snell filled with anti-semitism.

The fact is that the hatred Palestinians feel for the Jews is because the Jews came along and turned an otherwise desert area into a productive and creative country responsible for many inventions and productivity. The last I heard the Jewish people had some 32 Nobel Prizes and none for the Palestinians. Many of the things we take for granted are due to the Jewish people ranging from science to medical equipment. Again, nothing from the Palestinians.


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