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President Obama says if you created a business or technology “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” He gives all the credit to government infrastructure and government investment. Obama sees the government as the only driver of the economy. This is the definition of a socialist.

Government’s job is to create a level playing field for everybody, provide a legal framework to assure fairness and to provide the infrastructure to allow commerce and innovation to thrive. It is NOT government’s duty to invest in obscure research, select favorite industries for investment, regulate companies out of business if they are not favored by the administration, etc., etc., etc.


The Scaly Mountain Women’s Club was thrilled with the success of their ninth annual auction held on July 14 at the Scaly Mountain Fire Station. Thanks to all the merchants who donated the wonderful items to be auctioned off. A special thanks to all the people who attended and bought items. We were delighted that so many people from our extended communities could comfortably attend in the air conditioned Fire Department Community Room. There was a crowd of lively bidders and almost everyone happily took home some amazing bargains.

Every penny earned at the auction and all our other fundraisers go to the charities the women’s club supports. Most of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Scholarship Fund. The club averages helping 10 to 12 students each year to cover the tuition to the school of their choice.


The Disclosure Act did not pass in the Senate. Sixty votes were required, and the Senate Republicans voted along party lines 45 against and 53 for. This Act would require public disclosure of the spending $10,000 or more on political advertising, by a person, labor union or corporation. Not one Senate Republican supported this bill that allows the smears, half-truths, and outright lies that we will be subject to during the next political campaigns.

Controlling corruption of our political system should not be a partisan issue. Many Republicans privately said they were in favor of the public knowing whose money is behind attack adds.


Election time is approaching and we are facing a promise gap. In 2008 when vice presidential candidate Joe Biden visited Maumee, Ohio, he berated and ridiculed the previous administration for the size of the national debt and he promised that under an Obama administration the debt would be cut. Now in his re-election year President Obama spoke to this same town with no shame that his administration has produced three consecutive trillion-dollar deficits and added over $5 trillion to the national debt. This is a 70 percent increase in debt over the past 3.5 years so that we now owe more than the entire Gross National Product.


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