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I would like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to John McGaha and Nathan's Paint & Body Shop for stopping and helping my husband and I rescue our new mattress from the middle of the highway. With the blistering cold and high winds last Saturday it would have been impossible for the two of us to get our mattress back in the truck alone.


President Obama’s newest mantra to accompany his class warfare strategy is “fairness”…….let’s be sure the “playing field is fair” for all says he. Let’s take a look at the “fairness” record of the President and his Democrat followers.

Is it fair that 47% of Americans pay no federal taxes while the President calls for increased taxes to “soak the rich”? If fairness is the goal, Obama and Democrats would support the Fair Tax or Flat Tax plan.


I am writing in response to your article about the unfortunate death of an elderly couple, one member under hospice care, who chose to end their lives with violence. We force such decisions upon people by failing to make a more reasonable choice available to them. It is sad that we, as the makers of our laws, refuse to allow those with terminal or debilitating illnesses to end their lives with dignity. Further, a non-violent death may not leave the family of the deceased with such a high level of sadness and possibly guilt.


I know this is difficult for some to believe, considering the tackles delivered and postmidnight illegal formations, but public education keeps pushing down the field of nation building. Public education has been hit hard by the difficult economy, and by opportunists who wish to make a profit off of education. Recently a highly, questionable play singled out educators from all state employees and disallowed payroll deductions. This legislative play will be reviewed by the courts and by the voters that are tired of such embarrassing behaviors by some legislators. Despite no-win plays, the good news is: progress continues with abundance, in our schools!


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