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The recent tragedy in Arizona resulting in loss of life and injury to so many people was horrible. For one deranged person to have caused such pain is beyond belief.

What made the event even worse, if possible, were the immediate conclusions being made attributing the attack to political vitriol, combative language during the elections, and the Tea Party movement. Ascribing malicious and dangerous motives to a grassroots group is, at best, mistaken, and at most, an effort to quash healthy discourse by demonizing one’s adversaries.


The news that former Vice President Dick Cheney might have to undergo a heart transplant, after years of suffering from heart attacks, bypass surgery, and angioplasties, seems to underscore the importance of American Heart Month, which is observed in February. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, but it’s easily preventable. We can all take simple steps—such as exercising and eating a vegan diet—to keep our hearts healthy for years to come.

Vegan foods are naturally cholesterol-free and have even been shown to reverse heart disease. William Castelli, M.D., the director of the Framingham Heart Study, the longestrunning clinical study in medical history, believes the heart disease epidemic would “disappear” if Americans simply adopted a plant-based diet.


Today when I was in town I noticed in one of the apartment complexes an elderly woman in her 80s trying to remove some snow with a plastic house broom in the parking lot around her car. Than I looked around the complex and saw more snow and ice around their dumpsters for them to slip and fall down on. I am very upset by this.

My first thought was why are we not helping our elderly neighbors? This is one of many elderly rental complexes in the Franklin area. Is it that costly or so difficult for us that we cannot look after the needs of our neighbors, the people who pay rent and put money in our pockets?


Where is the common sense in Washington?

We spend $350 billion a year on people that are not citizens of the U.S., that are basically criminals, yet we have millions of taxpayers that have lost their jobs and homes and are living on the streets, their cars, in tents, and with family if they are lucky.

Instead of sending troops to our borders, why don’t we just cut the money off? If you are not a legal citizen when you have a child in this country, then the child should not be legal. If you come into this country legally, you should be able to support yourself without any government handouts. You should pay taxes in this country for at least five years before you can get any type of government aid.


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