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Comissioner Haven:

A copy of your recent correspondence to your fellow commissioners and selected supporters has been circulated to inform the citizens of Macon County of your views on the Macon County Planning Board. In my personal experience your comments are biased, prejudicial, and far from accurate. You have made a nasty, personal attack on Lewis Penland, a man that has served the citizens of Macon County honorably and well far longer than you have been in office. As a lifelong voting Republican I was proud to vote for and work with Commissioner Corbin’s father; however, I am severely disappointed with the current Board of Commissioners. Eliminating the Planning Board as a key advisory board is not the answer we need.


Macon County should be proud to have a politician who makes promises to voters, and then works to try to keep them.

I’m referring to Commissioner Ron Haven. He received significantly more votes than his opponents in the 2010 election by promising to work to prevent a steep slope ordinance from being passed, and to make changes to the County’s Planning Board. Those promises apparently resonated with many voters.


Dear Editor,

This letter should probably begin as “Dearest Macon County” because it is all inclusive. On behalf of the Macon County Care Network's Board of Directors, volunteers, and staff, thank you for your continued support. Your support has helped to provide hope to many who find themselves at dire straights. Your support has gone towards food boxes, hot meals, backpacks, clothing, warm blankets, electric bills, prescription assistance, the list goes on.


On behalf of everyone at The Bascom I’d like to express our deep appreciation to all of the area non-profits that provided decorated Christmas trees for our recent Giving Trees exhibition. During the exhibit, over 3,000 people visited and many made contributions in support of the participating organizations. It was especially gratifying to see families touring the exhibit and children making decisions about where to give their contributions.

The exhibit itself was gorgeous and the tree decorations were spectacularly creative. Every single tree was decorated in a way that perfectly reflected each group’s mission.


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