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I was about to answer Bob Scott’s tirade about guns and the NRA when this horrible incident in Connecticut arose where innocent children were murdered en masse. I study all these shootings in detail as I teach the concealed carry pistol classes in WNC, and when I was younger I had several occasions where I had to shoot bad guys in NYC. It seems that psychos always act out in a school or a place where decent citizens do not carry weapons. Consider that in this horrific school shooting, there were only three ways to prevent or stop these murders:

1. Detection and treatment of the troubled person before he committed these acts; or

2. Termination of the shooting in the school by some responsible citizen who was armed; or

3. The presence of an armed security guard.


After the killing of 26 children and adults by a young man using a semi-automatic gun best used for combat, the knee jerk reactions have begun.

Politicians on the Democrat side of the aisle are calling for assault weapon bans. Some Republicans are saying we need more guns. Others are claiming that if we arm more people they will stop a shooter. If more people carry guns there will be less crime. Schools should have armed guards. All of these solutions are inconclusive. However, 19 mass killings in the past five years have produced no reasonable answer to this terrible national problem. Stronger gun control will probably have no effect as there are more than 300 million guns in our society. It would be impossible to round up these guns or even attempt to register them. Mass killers are different from serial killers. Serial killers kill an individual and then kill again after a cooling off period.


As this is being written, it's the last day before the “fiscal cliff.” While it doesn't quite have the ominous ring of the Mayan end of the world prediction - the metaphor of a cliff has been an effective media attention grabber. To be sure, there are some real consequences down the cankicking road such as spending cuts, significant tax increases and immediate unemployment benefits expiring for a couple of million people. On the other side of the ledger is a national debt exceeding $16 trillion that has been increasing at a rate of nearly four billion a day over the last five years. Sixteen trillion in a giant sheet of hundred dollars bills could be folded into an origami swan the size of the former planet Pluto.

Deadlines create drama, because at least in theory, there is no extension or reversal. Y2K was much anticipated largely in part because of its fixed point in time. Oh boy, a countdown to the end – I can't wait. For instance, I could tell you a meteorite will slam into the earth where your house is located at some undisclosed time in the future and get a big yawn. However, if I said it will happen next Tuesday at noon, now, that would get your attention and the proper ensuing sarcasm and ridicule when the deadline passed.


For many people around the world, the end is near ... or at least they think it is. There have been many end-of-world predictions over the course of history sourced from both religious and non-religious beliefs. Just as recent as last year, it was predicted that the rapture was going to occur on May 21, 2011, and again on Oct. 21, 2011. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released an emergency preparation plan based on a Zombie Apocalypse to get people’s attention about emergency preparation for things like Super Storms, and we are just days away from one of the most famous and most imminent predictions: The end of the Mayan calendar on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012.

With the threat of doomsday looming, several theories support the claims of the end of civilization as we know it. The believers are divided into two groups: Those who think that the earth is about to be destroyed, and those who believe that Dec. 21 marks the end of one major time cycle and the beginning of a new and better one.


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