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From the Office of Rep. Phil Haire

Budget writers in the General Assembly rolled out their broad budget proposals this week and have introduced a plan that will set back our state by firing teachers and state employees and limiting our children’s education options.

While Gov. Perdue offered a balanced approach that protected all teacher and teacher assistant jobs, this plan makes no such assurances and calls for cutting education spending by $760 million — 6.5 percent — from the governor’s budget. Their suggestions for doing this include shutting down preschools and keeping more people out of our university systems, even as our population continues to grow.



It’s been said of Alderman Jerry Evans that he was a voice for the common man on the town board, that whenever an issue or major expenditure came before the board, he stuck up for the taxpayers and always evaluated the cost versus the benefits to the people. He never bought into the need to glamorize the position that he had achieved in local government, or bought into the need for appearances over substance in fulfilling the board’s obligations to the townspeople. In this respect, Jerry Evans wasn’t common at all. He never flinched from going against the grain and sticking up for the rights of the “little guy” — the powerless and disenfranchised — even when the rest of the board was stuck in the increasingly common “groupthink” mentality that has overwhelmed so many of the boards of local government.

In doing so, Evans voiced a lot of ‘no’ votes when most of the board chose to just go along to get along. He made up his own mind on the issues before him. He didn’t let anyone tell him how to vote, and it made him a valuable asset to the town.


One sign displayed in the Wisconsin teacher protests states, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” However, if you can spot the logical fallacy in that statement, it probably had nothing to do with what you learned in school since by and large, logic is not taught in the classroom. An even more egregious statement from the other side comes from pundit Rush Limbaugh when he states, “We are either on the side of the Wisconsin protesters or we are on the side of our country.”

The main logic fallacy with connecting the ability to read with the cause of the Wisconsin public school teachers involves something called affirming the consequent.

If P, then Q. Q, therefore P.


Following is Together NC’s Statement on Gov. Perdue’s State of the State address:

Our state stands at a crossroads. We recognize that the Governor and other elected officials face a significant challenge in maintaining and building upon our core infrastructure.

But it can be done, even in these trying financial times.

Gov. Perdue hinted at her priorities for her state budget, including preserving education and spurring job creation. These are essential priorities.


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