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Outdoors Group on a mission to promote recycling

The official welcoming committee to the Macon Pride library display are “Dewey Doright” and “Dottie Dontlitter” made from recycled cardboard and dressed by local thrift shops.Macon Pride recently recognized the Macon County Public Library as a community leader and excellent example in creating a "complete" recycling program throughout the building.

Macon Pride will present the "Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!" program at Thursdays at the Library June 13 at 7 p.m. in the Meeting Room. Recycling boxes will be handed out for labeling and decoration. Volunteers will offer tips on how to up-cycle household items and offer suggestions for gifts and money-makers.

Caterpillar Precision Seals at the Industrial Park is among those businesses honored by Macon Pride for exemplary 100% recycling program. Pictured are Caterpillar employees (front row, LR) Judy Blanton, Dwight Tallent, Monica Elkins, Joel Ostroff, Macon County Recycling Coordinator; (back row) Joey Hurst, Darrell Gregory, Terry Riggins and Craig Burrell. In addition to large volumes of recycled paper, metals and lubricants, Caterpillar has placed nearly a dozen stations around the plant for employees’ convenience to recycle beverage containers and mixed paper used daily.“Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for our staff and visitors to recycle,” said Karen Wallace, librarian. “We have recycling stations in every room, containers by each desk and in our kitchen for community meetings and staff lunches. Our patrons deserve A's for helping the library, community and county in this worthwhile effort. We also send magazines and books over to Friends of the Library and sponsor many programs, especially for children, in ‘up-cycling’, or reusing potential throwaways in creating new and useful items."

In addition to the library, Macon Pride has previously presented "Proud to Recycle" window stickers to the local groups who have exemplary recycling programs: Caterpillar, Goshen Timber Frames, Collectiques, Tony Angel Media, Life's Bounty Bakery/Café, Rosebud Cottage, Roomful of Nuts, Mountain Valley Health Foods, Edward Jones Highlands Road, Great Smoky Mountains Fish Camp, UU Fellowship, and H&R Block.

Macon Pride Volunteers 2013 (standing, L-R) Kim Lippy, Joel Ostroff- Macon County Solid Waste Department Recycling Coordinator, and Shirly Ches; (seated) Elena Marsh and Debby Boots.Last week, a recycling presentation was made at Rickman Store. Macon Pride volunteer, Debby Boots, offered good examples of useful items made from recycled materials and talked about how to throw a party or summer picnic with no trash whatsoever left behind.

Macon Pride would like to hear from other businesses, clubs, churches, and schools who are recycling. To register your efforts or if your group would like a short demonstration on how to set up a no-cost simple recycling station on your premises, call Debby Boots at (828)349-5201 or Shirley Ches at (828)524-9991.

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